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GIRAFFE: Class 1 - Peace

Mr Leone is the Teacher of Giraffe Class from September 2017. Keep visiting our page to
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Giraffe Class: September 2017 - July 2018
Class Exhibition
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See Below: Seahorse Class: September 2016 - July 2017

Seahorse Class Exhibition

Last Friday, the Seahorses danced, sang and presented some of their best work from this year to their parents and carers at the Class Exhibition. The class also said a fond farewell to Emily with a final song, performed together.

We hope you were impressed with their work and enjoyed seeing your child’s amazing mixture of talent.

Pizza Express

Thank you to the School Council who has helped organise visits for the children to Pizza Express to make Margherita pizzas. On Thursday it was the turn of Seahorse Class.


They were all given aprons, hats and dough and had lots of fun flattering and tossing it in the air to create their base. They added the sauce and cheese and then cooked them in the oven. Once ready the children boxed them up and when they arrived back to school they enjoyed eating them in the class. Yummy!

Term 1 & 2

In terms 1 and 2 the Seahorse Class worked very hard to create some fantastic stories, fact files and learn some important new skills too.


We've written about Roald Dahl's books, created our own gruesome characters, learnt a lot about robots and created our own robot stories as well. In Maths learnt lots of new skills, doing complex written arithmetic in class and in our learning groups. We've also learnt a lot about Stone Age life and what it would be like to live in those times. We've also considered what we like about living in Whitstable and learnt some key Geographical facts about our hometown.


Overall, it's been a very busy start to the year, but we're ready to learn even more in 2017 and laugh along the way as well.

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A huge well done to Miles, Finn and Joe in Seahorse class. They all play for Tankerton FC Under 9s and have won the League Cup. Well done boys, we are all very proud of your brilliant achievement.

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See Below: Ant Class September 2015 - July 2016

Prayer of the Week, by Talula & Matilda


Dear God,


Thank you for all the friends I have at home, school and around the world.

Please help people to be kind to their friends and patient when our friends are upset or angry.



Katy’s Bake Off!

Last week, Katy made a delicious and beautifully decorated cake for the staff at the Endowed. It was shared out very swiftly by the staff, all of whom were very impressed and proud of Katy’s efforts.

Well done Riley!

12 May 2016

We are extremely proud of Riley, who this week was awarded the Canterbury RFC Under 8’s Most Improved Player of the season at the club’s award ceremony.


Riley has worked hard all season to improve his rugby skills and his classmates were all very proud of his achievement, which he shared with us on Monday at ‘Show and Tell’. Well done Riley!

Picture 1

Prayer of the Week by Ant Class

10 May 2016

Thank you for our lovely school and our classrooms. Thank you for everything we learn when we are at school. Please help children who don’t have schools to go to, so that one day they might be able to learn like we do.


Thank you for helping all of us to concentrate and do our best at school. Help us to remember to do our best with everything we do and help us to improve every day.



Ant Class Exhibition

Friday 27 November

On Friday 27 November, Ant Class showed parents and carers some of their best work and talents at their Class exhibition. The ants drummed, sang, danced and read brilliantly on stage. They shared a mixture of their favourite songs from music lessons, skills they had learnt in PE, their best written work from class and singing which they had practised in their free time.


The parents were then invited to look at the work from different subjects and every ant had the chance to show off their best pieces to their parents and others.


Everyone appeared to be impressed with the hard work and them mixture of talents that the ants had exhibited. The Ants worked very well together as a great class team.


Mr Leone, Class Teacher

Ant Class ‘Getting to know you Week!’


This week in Ant Class the Ants have got to know each other with a wide range of exciting activities. They've played bingo, painted, written letters and made posters. All these activities have given the children a chance to learn about their teachers and our school, think of their goals for the year and their strengths as well as getting to know each other's hobbies and interests too.


All the children have made new friends and solidified the old friendships they already had in their old classes. They've learnt all about different ant types around the world as well, focusing on the strengths of ants that they'd like to have, such as teamwork, determination and standing up for each other.


The Ants are now more ready than ever to love, learn and laugh.

Class 1 work: September 2014 - July 2015

Terms 3 & 4

Our Centaurs worked very hard, learning a lot about the world in which they live and how to better communicate with their new knowledge and skills.

Picture 1

English / History

We studied the themes of Aliens and Castles and produced some spectacular work based on texts that we had read and inspired by our trip to the Tower of London. This visit was part of the incredible History Week where the children were able to look at some of Britain’s most important historical events and artefacts as well as the impact of Roman Rule in Britain.

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Geography / Art / DT

We looked at how Britain’s History has come to shape the country we live in today. These themes provided inspiration for our Art and DT work which was based on famous painters from history such as Hans Holbine and Pablo Picasso, as well as creating designs for our own coat-of-arms and knight’s armour.

Picture 1
Picture 2


In Term 3 we practised Multiplication and Subtraction, and in Term 4 we looked at shapes and angles.

Picture 1
Picture 2


Our budding scientist investigated at how light travels through objects and reflects off others. The children looked at the importance of light and how to stay safe in the Sun. We also looked at food chains and animal adaptations and considered how we are adapted to survive.

Picture 1
Picture 2


Centaurs continued to improve on developing their swimming skills and practised their balance, coordination and team awareness skills in football and rugby.


The children had fun preparing and filming instructional skills videos and began to practise coding, using Scratch. These skills may be vital to the children in their future education and even their careers.

Overall, the Centaurs have work very hard and learnt a smorgasbord of new things and practised using new skills in all of their curriculum subjects. Furthermore, they have produced some stunning work which you can see in the photos. They should all feel very proud of themselves.

My scientific magic trick, by Luca Coulton

This is my magic trick secret, you first pour half of the coke into a cup, then try to balance the Coke can, when you hear a little click, or if the liquid settle or balances. If you let go it might not work, but if it does just it let go. This can also work on other cans like Tango or Fanta. WARNING do not do this experiment near a computer!


The reason it tilts is because it is half empty – if it was full it would topple over!

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Picture 3

Centaurus Class Church Assembly: Wrestling for Justice

Tuesday 19 May

On Tuesday 19 May, Centaurus Class presented their Church Assembly in St Alphege Church. The children focused on Wrestling for Justice. Those children reading, were clear and confident and the choir sang beautifully. It was lovely to see so many parents and carers come along and enjoy the assembly too.  


Please click on the link below to see photos of our Church Assembly



Congratulations Centaurus Class!

9 May 2015

For the 2nd week in a row Attendance Gorilla has pride and place in your class for best attendance of the week. Which class will he go to next?


Term 1 & 2

In Terms 1 & 2, the Centaurs have worked really hard, developing their skills and knowledge in all of the major curriculum subjects.


They have learnt new addition, subtraction and shape skills in Maths and have been applying these to problems as well.  In English, Centaurus class have used inspirational texts by Roald Dahl and Ted Hughes to influence their own planning and writing of stories. They have also learnt a large range of new SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) skills including the use of possessive apostrophes, speech marks and the use of adjectives and adverbs.


In RE, the children have learnt about some of the most important events in the Christian year and in a Christian’s life. They have used these events and traditions to think about important events in their own lives and compare them.


In Science the Centaurs learnt about the different types of force and their effects in our world and all about rocks and soils as well. They have learnt about the earliest known people in History and have begun to learn about Whitstable; their hometown.


In Art pupils have learnt to mix colour using watercolours and pastels; use different textures to create artwork and they based their artwork on the terms’ topics, relating their Art to their learning in other subjects. The pupils have learnt a range of important greetings in Spanish and have begun counting and using those numbers in context as well. In Music we have learnt how to play specific notes on the recorder and collaborated together to practise using these notes.


We also learnt about e-Safety in Computing and this learning has been reiterated whenever the children use computers in the school. They have a range of strategies to use if they encounter issues and know how to avoid encountering these issues when using electronic devices. The children have developed their swimming ability, gymnastics skills and collaborated to choreograph group dances in PE.


It has been a busy start to the year, but the Centaurs have learnt some vital new things and produced some fantastic work. They should all feel very proud of themselves.