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Upper School Remote Learning
Each day Miss L will be posting a Daily Retrospective. These will include what you've been up to and pictures. A bit like a daily blog but in a PDF! 

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Listen to the hilarious 'The Baked Potato Song' by Isaac


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Wednesday 1 April


Good morning Arctic Foxes,  a quick challenge for you. While munching on your cornflakes see if you can complete the below word search and let me know how you get on..... 



Good morning Foxes and thank you for ALL your messages, pictures and comments yesterday. You continue to dazzle with your energy and creativity and I hope that you are looking forward to the Easter break. I love this time of year and Easter as it is the perfect time for relaxing, spending time with your family, enjoying the sunshine and of course, enjoying a little more chocolate than usual! 




Daily Draw-a-Long link below - it's for a chaarcter called Alien. I drew Kevin yesterday and he is sooooooo cute! Keep changing my mmind over which is my favourite! 


KNOWING ME: This holiday is a strange one and very out of the ordinary but I know we will find ways to enjoy it just the same. I was due to be going away to Spain on Saturday with Miles to ride Europe's biggest rollercoaster; Shambhala! While we are a bit sad that our trip won't happen, we consoled ourselves by riding lots of virtual rollercoasters! We are so  lucky to be able to bring the world into our living rooms and there are lots of virtual tours and rides you can try out from the comfort of your sofa! To experience the thrill from the front seat, try the link below:


KNOWING YOU: So you know that I love rollercoasters but what type of ride or experience do you like best? Is it the water rides, the bumper cars or something completely different? Follow this link to Portaventura theme park, click on a ride to see a description and lots have videos showing the ride in action. I'd love to know what kind of rides you like and this leads us to today's challenge:


Design a ride that YOU would like. It could be a rollercoaster, a water ride, spinny ride like teacups, a railway type ride, an experience - anything at all. You will need to think of a name for your ride, theme, the actual layout and design and also think about who the ride would be suitable for e.g age/height restrictions. 


Follow the link below where you can  design your whole park and work out profits/costs etc - this is a great task to work on over a few days or a week. I'd love to see what you come up with! There are also links for a fun, if highly infuriating make your own rollercoaster game and some short clips which explain how they work! 


Find out about the science behind rollercoasters and take a quick test to see what you can remember: 


Task 2 - I saw a really gorgeous idea online and thought it would be perfect for us to try out. The idea is to design an Easter egg, cut out and stick in your window or somewhere around Whitstable. When we (or other) people are out for their daily exercise, they can see how many they can spot. An Easter egg hunt with a difference! If we see any we could take a picture and send them in. You can use the template below or just draw your own - 


You can also design an egg online using the link below: 



Let's get colourful and creative and pop some eggs in our windows to join the vibrant rainbows we have created. 


Don't forget to send I pictures of you in your favourite outfit/sports kit for PHOTO THURSDAY as after that I will be offline for the Easter break. Make sure you have a good rest too and feel free to send me anything as it will make for a very exciting update after the holidays


Shout out to Lily and Maddie (who sent a fab photo of her dog dressed in its best clothes)  who checked in for the first time yesterday and send me photos of all the work she has been doing. Felix and I have been emailing in French and Morgan has given me her timetable and told me lots about the Victorians. Maisie is writing poetry and Daisy is working hard in English. Frankie has been working on decimals in Maths and Reece continues to perfect his artistic talents with some more beautiful drawings. Arwen and I were discussing our favourite ice-cream flavours and Sophie sent in a super self-portrait. For more of your news check out the Daily Retrospectives and our class gallery!


Most importantly, over the holidays STAY HAPPY and KEEP SMILING - make time to be in the moment, not looking back or worrying about the future, just being you! Have fun Foxes!



Learning Resources and Activities

How to create Virtual 3D Animals Go to GOOGLE

Search for the animal in question in GOOGLE SEARCH

It will show up in a small box with some statistics and an animated thumbnail and an invitation to meet a life-sized wolf up close. From there, tap "View in 3D'

An animated 3D model will appear on your screen (be patient as to set it up, you need to move phone around a bit)  Take a screenshot and send it to me!

12 museums around the world, you can explore virtually:

British Museum, London

Guggenheim Museum, New York

National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C

Musee d'Orsay, Paris

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul

Pergamon Museum, Berlin

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

The J Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

Uffizi Gallery, Florence

MASP, Sao Paulo

National Museum of Anthropology ( My degree is in Social Anthropoloy so I am going to check this one out)


Miss L's English Set

Romeo and Juliet

Hi to all,

In case you wanted to work on your Verona travel guide, here is the PowerPoint (in a PDF) we used in class. Useful as a guide! I will be looking for more Romeo and Juliet resources this week so keep checking your class page and keep reading and writing. Try keeping a journal/blog throughout this time as one day it may be a useful historical document. I've already started mine! Feel free to send me anything you do and I'll share!

Stay safe and keep smiling peep Miss L :) 

Picture 1 Morgan's Romeo and Juliet inspired Verona leaflet
Picture 2 Morgan's Romeo and Juliet inspired Verona leaflet
Reading, Audio and Art
Every day at 11am, you can listen to one of David Williams' World's Worst Children stories, so sit down, take a break, and enjoy 20ish minute of pure fun.

Completed Tutorials by Arctic Fox

Congratulations Louis you are this weeks 'Artist of the Week' 


Benji Davies illustrates a character from Grandad's Island

Want to get your school involved in the next Power of Pictures project? Find out more here:

Get fit, Keep active

PE with Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks is hosting a free 3o minute PE lesson on his YouTube channel every day at 9.00am.

Follow the link here for more information about this and how to subscribe.

Wake Up! School Assembly Song and Dance from Songs For EVERY Assembly by Out of the Ark Music

KSG with Firefighter Fit Kids Session 1

TTRockstars Results



Our Winning Class this week is Lynx Class, followed by Brown Bears and Otters in 3rd. 


A huge congratulations to our school "King of Times Tables" this week, Fin in Lynx Class, who actually beat most of the other classes' combined scores!


Learning Links!
Learning Activities

An interesting activity which combines History and Philosophy - read the information and answer the two questions at the end. You could design a poster/poem/rhyme/slogan etc., to persuade people to do the right thing and stay home.


How do you think people felt during the Plague and The Great Fire of London? 


I'll post my answers tomorrow Miss L :)

Teacher Message Board

Tuesday 31 March


Good morning Foxes, how are you all feeling today? We are coming to the end of March and what a month it has been! Take a moment to think about what you were doing and feeling at the start of March compared to what you are doing and feeling now...It has been a rollercoaster of emotions and events but times like this remind us of how strong, resilient and adaptable human beings are. Indeed, over the last few weeks there have been so many wonderful acts of kindness and community-driven shows of love and  support and all these things help to keep us smiling. :-)


How brilliant was it to see your happy faces yesterday - it made my day! Your warmth and energy shone through as always and I was very impressed by how closely some people had been following Week 1's events during the KAHOOT quiz. Though it was a closely run race, Louis swooped in and nabbed the lead from Reece with the results as follows:

1. Louis

2. Reece

3. Mrs. Moody


Mrs. Dodds sent us all a message and Landon checked in for the first time which was great - Hi Landon! Despite hurting her knee, Arwen is ok and Morgan has suggested a fabulous theme for PHOTO THURSDAY - BEST DRESSED! 


So your challenge is to take a picture of you in your favourite outfit or sports kit and send it in. If you want to send in your pics before Thursday (as officially we are on Easter break after tomorrow) that is fine! Knowing what a stylish bunch you are, I can't wait to see your best dressed photos. Thanks Morgan for a super suggestion!


Louis was crowned ARTIST OF THE WEEK after completing EVERY daily draw-a-long last week. He sent me in his picture of Rob Biddolph's Kevin character which really made me smile! My favourite tutorial so far was sausage dog because you can personalise each one and make it unique. I may draw a sausage dog for each pupil in Arctic Fox over the holiday and post after to see if you can guess who's who! 




I am excited to share today's learning with you! Attached is a copy of First News - I know how much you all enjoy reading the news and of course, completing the puzzles. There is an edition of the newspaper along with a topic for debate with information and activities you could try out. Why not get your family to take up different viewpoints before deciding what you think. The topic is:



I think this task will suit lots of you really well as I know you are deep thinkers who enjoy articulating their opinions and ideas. It's one of the things I miss most about school: our fabulous discussions (and of course "I have two things..." answers) .


Also, see this weeks news based crossword puzzle and there are competitions and lots of great information in the First News itself. Send me any comments, pictures or work that you do as I'd love to see them.


Feel free to look back on any of the previous days' activities and complete them if you want to. It seems to me that we are all keeping ourselves busy and finding lots of new exciting and creative ways to learn - well  done!


Today I have attached two different links for you to try -

1.) Greg from Diary of a Wimpy Kid 


2.) Because I seem to be thinking about food much more lately, here's a guide to drawing a very cool slice of pizza known as Pizza Steve. 


Remember to get on TTROCKSTARS this week. I've had lots of requests for login details so hoping that our class will rise through the ranks and maybe even reclaim the times tables crown ha! Such a fun app to use and you can earn coins to make your avatar look wild! Seth now has her log in details and also sent me a brilliant book review which has inspired Merle to read it too. Check the class gallery later today to see Seth's report.


That's all for now - have a terrific Tuesday and keep smiling  :-)

Hugs, Miss L :)x


ps: See  Resources section for First News, Crossword and News Debate




Monday 30 March



Hey guys 

So week 2 begins 
I have to say I’m not bored yet but definitely missing seeing your faces and you lot making me laugh.

We have started the day by watching the jungle book and now we’re just about to start our learning! 
My aim is to watch all the Disney films whilst we aren't at school! 
Leo (14) and Fin (11) are doing their school work in the kitchen on the laptops and Oscar and I are in the lounge,


We’re starting with phonics today. Hopefully I will catch you on zoom later. 

Have a good day. Take care and stay safe 

Mrs Dodds x


Morning Arctic Foxes,


THEME: Knowing me, Knowing you (Awareness of Ourselves and of Others)
Welcome to Week 2: Day 1! 
Congratulations on making it through Week 1 in style and hopefully things feel a little less strange now as we head into our second week of virtual learning. I hope you had a good weekend - I enjoyed my daily walk yesterday but it was so windy I thought I was going to get blown away. Thank you for your messages over the weekend, full of news and lovely comments.
EXCITING NEWS: Today at 12pm, our class will attempt a live link up using ZOOM! I have prepared a KAHOOT quiz based on all our news from Week 1. You should all have an email from me with an invite to the meeting! I am mega excited at the thought of doing this and fingers crossed, it works! MEET ME ONLINE AT 12PM!
I wanted to send a special mention to James, whose fish died at the weekend. Sending you a big hug James from me and all your fellow Foxes. It is always tough to lose a pet as they feel like family and I still remember my first hamster, George, who I got when I was 7. He loved squeezing through toilet rolls and running around in his hamster ball. He was ginger and white and I loved him to bits.
How did you get on finding out about the NHS and the brilliant work they do? If you looked at the PowerPoint did you find a specific job that your personal qualities would suit or create a poster or picture celebrating their work and dedication?
Sam sent me a picture which will be posted on the gallery later today - keep a look out as you may be rather surprised by a change in his appearance...I wonder if you can guess what it is? D.J Brown continues to work on his first album using GarageBand and has sent me hi first song entitled -
The Baked Potato Song
WARNING: Incredibly catchy and may drive you mad
Hopefully, technology allowing, you will be able to listen to it too! It really is a masterpiece and I can't wait for the next track. Bella let me know what a great week she'd had at school and Louis continued his great keeping in touch winning streak by sending me comments and some super artwork.
So what is on the menu today?
  1. This week is World Autism Awareness Week (30 March - 5 April) and I though it would be great for us to learn more about how to be autism-friendly. According to, 1 in every 100 school children is autistic so schools and school communities play a huge part in promoting understanding and awareness of autism. Check out the link below which gives you access to some excellent resources
You can look at either the primary section presentation and activity or for Year 6 the secondary section. Both include a video and an activity pack.
  • Primary focus - Meet the Trummies, six colourful characters who will help you learn more.
Read the rules that the Trummies introduce for helping to create environments that work for everybody and create your own bit of advice too.
  • Secondary focus - if you watch HOLLYOAKS you will recognise Talia Grant. Understand her story and find out more about her  life and experiences by completing a quiz and creating your own pledge of support. Meet Talia by following the link below -
2. Let's have a big push on TTROCKSTARS. I hadn't been on for a while but made up for it at the weekend and I promise to spend at least 30 minutes playing as Solomon Savage and trying to improve my score. Well done Pearl and Alice who continue to reach amazing speeds. So come on everybody, get rocking today!
3. Draw-a-Long at 3pm - today we are drawing KEVIN. Thanks to Mrs. Fall for Spotty, he looked great! 
And that's all for today! I'm off to do Joe Wicks and sing along to the Greatest Showman before I'll be back online! 
Have a marvellous Monday Foxes - keep smiling 
Miss L :) x

Wow! What an amazing Arctic Fox ‘Chill Out’ Exhibition


The children put together a thoughtful and innovative ‘Together & Wellbeing’ theme with children excitedly sitting with family members to share their exhibition experience.


The children kicked off the exhibition with a musical singing rendition of ‘Happy’ and then showcased their artistic talents of dance, artwork, pom pom and badge making demonstrations.  They also showed off their presentation and entrepreneurial skills and finally a chill out guide of meditation for the adults.


After, the children organised refreshments of tea, coffee and yummy homemade biscuits. It was a wonderful atmosphere where they chatted and presented family members with their current school work.


Thank you to everyone who came, we hope you enjoyed our ‘Chill Out’ Exhibition!

Lifecycle of Magical Beasts

A taste of Mexico

Thursday 24 January


As part of this terms Learning Unit Theme 'Harmonious Habitats & Mysterious Mayans' we decided to make some well known dishes that originated from the ancient Mayans, including guacamole, black bean, tomato and chili salsa and pineapple salsa accompanied with corn tortillas.     


"The Mayans invented many foods that are still eaten on a regular basis. They were the first civilization to make corn tortillas, and they used their avocado crops to make an ancient form of guacamole.  The four staple foods in Mayan cuisine were squash, beans, maize and chili peppers, and they were often combined with meat or seafood. Squash, beans, and maize are often referred to as the "three sisters" because they provide all the necessary nutrients when eaten together."


Thursday 10 January