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We really enjoy looking at your home learning exercises, artwork and all the activities you do. 

Message for our Y6 pupils returning in Term 6 on Wednesday 3 June

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Monday 29 June


Good morning to all the Brown Bears! I hope you're all ok, working at home. We've got three weeks left of term time so I would really push yourselves to work through some of the English, Maths and Topic work I suggest to you for this week. 


Annabelle has worked her socks off in the past few weeks and sent in some fantastic work that she's completed, including her recipes, restaurant review and her fantastic Andy Warhol-style paintings or Heinz Barbecue sauce. 


Scarlett has also messaged me to let me know that she will be a "virtual mascot" for Tottenham's match against Everton next Monday evening! This is an amazing piece of news and I will look out for her on Sky Sports at the start of the match. 


Nathan has been repairing his go-kart at home and this must take some great engineering skills to do. Hopefully he'll send in some pictures when he's finished...


Finally, Sophie has completed an excellent review of her trainers at home, carefully writing out a rough draft, correcting her spellings and then writing out a more accurate, final version. This shows how hard she is working and should inspire all of you to get writing this week too!


From today, you can follow the timetable we are using at school in Brown Bear Class. 


Start your working day at 9am with some of the English work Sophie and Annabelle have completed. You can review an item of your choice (a good, a meal or a movie!) or try to write out an explanation of a recipe that you think could help a book character. 


At 11am, you can do this morning's Joe Wicks work out  -it's so important to keep fit, even if you are staying indoors at home!


Then at 11:30, have a go at Mr B's Maths Challenges for this week. They have a great range of little Maths questions that will help you revise all of the skills you've learnt over the past few terms. 


After Lunch, at 1:30, work through Mrs Gilbert's Spanish Geography slides, which teach you about the key cities, regions and the climate in the country. We will be comparing life in the Costa Brava of Spain to life on the North Kent Coast in Whitstable. Perhaps you could compare the Spanish / Catalan cuisine, climate and buildings of our town with those of a Costa Brava town like Palafrugell or Begur?


I'm looking forward to seeing what you find out as this is a region I used to love going on holiday to when I was your age!


Have a brilliant week Brown Bears and make sure you get through some reading, writing, researching and Maths this week to keep your brain fired up!

Next week we will start to think about all our favourite memories from this very strange school year. Keep up the good work!



PDFs of activities and booklets you can download and print 


Miss L's English Set

Romeo and Juliet

Hi to all,

In case you wanted to work on your Verona travel guide, here is the PowerPoint (in a PDF) we used in class. Useful as a guide! I will be looking for more Romeo and Juliet resources this week so keep checking your class page and keep reading and writing. Try keeping a journal/blog throughout this time as one day it may be a useful historical document. I've already started mine! Feel free to send me anything you do and I'll share!

Stay safe and keep smiling peep Miss L :) 

Picture 1 Stuart's creative leaflet of Verona
Picture 2 ...fantastic ICT and Writing skills Stuart
ICON English Task
Picture 1 Teddy's Icon Ronaldo
Picture 2 Teddy's Football Icon Ronaldo
Picture 3 Teddy's Football Icon M Bappe
Picture 4 Teddy's Football Icon Neymar
Picture 5 Teddy's Football Icon Messi
Picture 6 Oscar's Icon Michael Jordon
Picture 7 Rub's Icon letter on Gandhi
Picture 8 Connor's Icon His Dad - what a great interview
Picture 9 Soloman's Icon Research
Picture 10 Jaydan's Icon Research
Mr B`s Weekly Maths Challenges
Learning Resources and Activities

BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons

The BBC has also launched its daily lessons website which features a mix of videos, animations, practice activities, quizzes and games. These are arranged by age and year group and definitely worth a look. 


Click on the link below:

Water for Life: Southern Water

Education & Water Efficiency 

Continuing on from our Science Week last term, please take a look at Water for Life: Southern Water website where you will find lots of educational resources, puzzles and quizzes. Create a poster to say thank you to Southern Water keyworkers for keeping water supplied to houses and taking their waste away.  These can be sent to:

Reading, Audio and Art

Oxford Owl: Free ebooks

Miss Braid has set up an account on the Oxford Owl website. The company that made this site are the people who publish all the "scheme" books we have at school so it will be particularly helpful for those of you that are on stage books. That said, the "e-books" on offer in their "e-library" are appropriate for those up to age 11 so you 'free readers' will find it useful too!


Get onto website using this link then click on "My class login" at the top of the page.


Log in using the username: Endowed Hedgehogs and the password: missbraid (Miss Braid originally set this up for her class before realising how many others may need this too!). You can browse the e-books by age range, series or theme. You can turn the pages just like in a real book, and even have a narrator read along with you! Such a great resource, I hope you get lots from it.

Elevenses with The World of David Walliams

Every day at 11am, you can listen to one of David Walliams' World's Worst Children stories, so sit down, take a break and enjoy 20ish minutes of pure fun!

Get fit, keep active

PE with Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks is hosting a free 30 minute PE lesson on his YouTube channel every day at 9.00am.

Follow the link here for more information about this and how to subscribe.

Kent School Games: #StayHomeStayActive  

Personal Challenge: Compete in a number of personal challenges that focus on your competing against yourself and trying to improve your personal performance.


Click on the below link

Wake Up! School Assembly Song and Dance from Songs For EVERY Assembly by Out of the Ark Music

KSG with Firefighter Fit Kids Session 1

Term 5 TT Rockstars Results



Hello all of you Times Tables Rockstars! 

It's been four weeks since our TTRockstars Championship winners were announced and we've been keeping count of all the coins that you've earned since. 


This term's class winners are Lynx Class with an impressive 96,361 coins.


A massive well done and thank you from all of the Lynx Class goes to Lily who earned 45,712 coins on her own! An amazing achievement, beating some of the other classes' combined scores! This means that Lily is our TTRockstars Queen for Term 5. Congratulations Lily!


Kurt in Year 3 put in a valiant effort, earning over 18,000 coins for 2nd place and Stuart in Year 6 finished 3rd with over 12,000 coins. 


Well done to everyone who took part this term and don't forget to keep practising over the next few weeks! Perhaps the TTRockstar trophy can move from Lynx Class next term - it's becoming part of the furniture in there!   Mr Leone

Learning Links!
Teacher Message Board

Friday 26 June


Good morning to all the Brown Bears!

I hope you're all ok at home and have had a great week, trying out some Sports Day activities and having a go at some of the English and Geography I suggested for you to try out. 


Miss Vass is celebrating Liverpool's first Premier League win, wearing her Liverpool shirt in to school today! Whilst I'm not keen on her choice of team, I'm happy for her to finally be able to celebrate today!


We had a brilliant time having a go at some Sports Day activities yesterday in class and we've added on some table points for our medal winners in each event (I've attached some photos to have a look at and hopefully get you fired up to try these out at home!). If you do get a chance to have a go at some activities, please send in your photos and videos as these can earn some vital, last-minute points for your house!


Don't forget to email me today with how you have been getting on all week and with any questions you might have too. Have a brilliant Friday and a fabulous weekend Brown Bears! Keep up the good work!


Monday 22 June


Good morning to all of the wonderful Brown Bears! I hope you are all ok at home and I'm looking forward to working with Year 6s again this week in school and hearing from you at home as well. 


Last week we worked through Miss Luckhurst's English slides and have planned some excellent food reviews that we will begin writing in school today. If you're working at home, I would also plan your structure for your lockdown meal and begin writing a careful draft this week. 


We used our Art session with Miss Vass to recreate our favourite packaged foods, based on Andy Warhol's soup cans and it was enjoyable celebrating some of the foods we really loved (even if they weren't all that healthy!). 


​Then, on Friday, some of us dressed up for Joe Wicks' final Fancy-Dress-Friday, completed his workout - Clark Vader worked particularly hard on the football pitch! We then tried out some new dance routines with Izzy, Alexis and Phoebe's instructions. 


Meanwhile, I've had lots of super updates from the Brown Bears who are still working at home.


Scarlett has been reading through lots of books, particularly enjoying the Percy Jackson books, although she didn't enjoy the movies on Disney+ very much! She has also bought some caterpillars which she's feeding regularly and these will turn into beautiful butterflies very soon!


Ruby has also done lots of reading and research and she has just found that she is getting some new guinea pigs, called Munch and Nibble - a lovely new pair of companions for Ruby to look after with her sisters. 


Lia has also worked hard, completing a sunflower line graph for her own sunflower at home and she has been doing other Maths and English work for the Kent Test, whilst also preparing for Fathers Day and her brother's birthday - very busy!


Reg also sent in a superb letter regarding his icons choice for last term, which was the NHS, which he feels deserves to be our Endowed Icon 2020. 


Last but not least, Connor has sent in his instructions for making a bird-feeder, whilst also completing lots of Maths work on statistics. By the looks of things he has worked hard to get the right answers and he clearly understands the charts he's been using! He's also picked out his very successful carrots and I expect he'll be chomping away at them this week! Well done Connor. 


Thank you so much to those of you who have updated me this week with your home learning. Whilst we are missing you very much at school, we are very proud of the work you are completing and the ideas you are coming up with at home. Don't forget that you can always email me with any updates or questions you have this week! I can't wait to read about your favourite lockdown meals and see your Andy Warhol-style drawings either. 


I've attached some certificates for Lia,Scarlett, Ruby, Connor, Reg and Sophie who have done an amazing job, working hard at home and keeping me up to date in the past couple of weeks with their efforts. Perhaps you could earn one this week doing the same...


Have a great week Brown Bears. Keep up the good work!


Thursday 12 June


Hello to all of the Brown Bears!

Today, I'm delighted to say that I can return to school with all of the Year 6s as we are all now safe to do so. We will be carrying on with the work that I have set for you at home and performing some socially distanced line dances for exercise in the playground too!


If you are staying at home don't forget to carry out the tasks that I have set you during the past few days as these will give you a good structure for your home learning. 


Sophie has completed a brilliant set of written pieces for her Masterchef English work. She has written out clear instructions and ingredients for a delicious sounding cake that she believes would help Lily Alone when she is left to babysit her smaller siblings at home. Perhaps you can try and make a set of work like Sophie's? I can't wait to see Sophie's finished cake and I know I'm going to be very jealous when she gets to eat it!


Have a brilliant day today Brown Bears. I can't wait to see all of the exciting activities and work you've done at home this week. 


Wednesday 10 June


Good morning Brown Bear Class!

I hope you've all had a good week working through some of the working tasks I have suggested.


Today, I would continue to use the suggested timetable I am sending you now. 


At 9am, have a go at Joe Wicks' workout on YouTube. I joined in live yesterday and it was very hard work indeed!


At 9.45am, you can use your English working time to go through Miss L's lesson on writing reviews. This will help you to prepare a food review for a meal you've had at home recently.


At 10.30am, take a short break and recoup your energy. 


At 10.45, you can watch this morning's Newsround and don't forget to send in your thoughts, wishes or prayers for anyone involved, so I can share them on our class page. 


At 11am, you can continue with the line graph exercises I set you yesterday, this time focusing on the sunflower line graph that Miss Luckhurst, Mrs Gilbert and I have created together. Zac did a great job yesterday with his line graph questions.


After lunch, I would then go through the World Oceans Week Powerpoint Slides I've included. These will show you that this week, beginning on Monday, is an important week in which lots of scientists try to encourage people to take steps to protect out oceans. In which ways do you think people in Whitstable can contribute to saving our sea-life? We learnt a lot about these steps in Giraffe Class so you should be experts by now! Make a poster that we could put up on our beaches and in public buildings to encourage these environmental steps. 


Have a great day Brown Bears. Don't forget to submit any work or activities that you complete to me via email. If you have any questions or worries that you want help with, don't forget you can email me with these too. 


Keep up the good work!


Tuesday 9 June


Hello to everyone in Brown Bear Class!

As we are all at home this week I will be sending out daily messages with lots of great work exercises for you to do and a set timetable that I think you should follow at home. 


At 9am, join in with Joe Wicks for his half-hour fitness session, which we would normally be doing, spread out in the playground. 


At 9.30 you should begin your formal vs informal work, using Miss Luckhurst's English slides:

I look forward to seeing your formal and informal phrases that you can categorise this morning. 


At 10:30 have a short break - perhaps a drink and a snack would be a great idea?


At 10.45, I would watch this morning's Newsround show and then write a short prayer or wish for anyone affected in the stories you see.

This can be your own Candletime session at home! Send in your prayers or wishes to me so I can share them on our class page. 


Then at 11.15 have a go at the two Maths challenges I have set you. Try to construct a line graph based on my own journey through France and then a second, more complex line graph based on our Upper School Sunflower Grow-Off! Even if you do not have squared paper, you can still construct a rough line graph and answer the questions below. 


After lunch, begin your Geography work, based on Spain. I have attached a brilliant lesson created by Mrs Gilbert with lots of information for you to learn and some great exercises to try out as well. Once you've complete the questions and map work, send them in to me and I can share your efforts with the class. 

We would normally finish school at 3:10pm this week so make sure you take a break and relax after this. 


Have a brilliant day at home Brown Bears. Although it's deflating to not be at school with all of you, I know you will continue to work hard and try your best at home. If you have any questions, worries or any other information you want to share with me, don't hesitate to email me today


Monday 8 June


Good morning to all of the wonderful Brown Bears, 


I hope you've all enjoyed your first week of Term 6, trying out some of the home learning activities from our Term 6 grid.


This week I would encourage you to use Miss Luckhurst's slides on formal and informal writing and the "writing to review" slides as these will help you to prepare for your review of your favourite lockdown meal or restaurant meal before lockdown began. 


Meanwhile, for Maths I would suggest that you have a go at the two line graph challenges I've attached in a PDF. One of them is a simple line graph, mapping a journey I have taken in the past through France and the other is a 3-line graph showing the three Upper School Classes competing to grow the biggest sunflower!


In the afternoons, I would begin to look at Spain's political geography. Find out what the different regions and islands of Spain are and have a go at labelling them on a blank map of the country. 


Don't forget to email me with your photos or copies of your work as it makes me so proud to see all of the work that you get up to. You can also message me with any questions you might have. 


Have a great week Brown Bears - keep up the good work!


Explorers Extraordinaire!

We are extremely proud of our Brown Bears George and Stuart (Y6).


On Saturday 1 February the 1st Whitstable Scouts and Explorers participated in a 10-mile sponsored walk to raise money for the Australian Red Cross. We started at Faversham Train Station and ended at the East Kent pub in Whitstable. During the 5-hour journey we map read, ate some sweets and got very muddy feet! So far, we have raised $1,084 Australian dollars which meant that our leaders Skip and Nick had to wear tutus on the walk.

By George and Stuart   

Picture 1
Picture 2
Class Exhibition

Book Sale for Haven

Well done to Maddy and Phoebe for the book sale they organised for Haven. They raised a grand total of £62.68.

Many thanks for all your kind donations of books and well done to the girls for organising the sale.

Picture 1
'Harmonious Habitats & Mysterious Mayans'
Lena's Lesson: 3D Optical Illusions

Soft Toy Sale

Well done to Phoebe in Morpurgo Class for holding a sale of donated soft toys with her mum on Tuesday. The sale raised a grand total of £70.06 which will be shared between Catching Lives and Tree Tops Animal Sanctuary.


Thank you to everyone for your support, Mrs Massey for her top selling skills and Mr Leone for the Christmas Music.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Thank you Eryn who very kindly brought these plants in for the planters by the Office entrance.
Picture 1