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Bumblebee Y4: Class 3


To view the New Curriculum, which will come into effect from September 2022, for the Lower School (Years 3 and 4), please take a look at our Curriculum Information page which can be found under Information from the Home Page.

Bumblebee Class: September 2022 - July 2023 

This week's Brilliant Bumblebee

More Science!

Bumblebee class were very excited yesterday as they were all involved in a science experiment. The children saw the digestive system in action! We mashed up food in a plastic bag which acted as the stomach. We then poured the mixture into tights, representing the small intestines and large intestines. We drained all of the moisture out, as that would be the nutrients absorbed into our bodies. We then pushed the substance left through a cup and made POO!! 

Science: Digestive System

Today we made our own digestive systems out of different materials, learning what order the organs go in and what their functions are.









Feeling the Blues!

11 October 

Bumblebees today were learning about tones and tints.

Science: Telephone Communication

In science today, Bumblebees looked at how sound changes over different distances by making cup telephones and walking away from each other to what happened. They discovered that a string telephone works very much like a landline phone. When they talked into the cup their voice sends sound waves inside the cup, vibrating the bottom of the cup. The vibrations are transferred to the string, across the string and into the bottom of the other cup.

European Flags

Monday 3 October

In Geography, the Bumblebees are learning about our European neighbours. Even though all these countries are in the same continent, they all have different features, identities and histories. They each

have their own government, own laws and their own customs. One way countries highlight their identity is through a flag. Today the children learnt about the flags of European Countries. We held a mini competition where they worked in teams to produce a ‘flags’ poster.

Penguin Class: September 2021 - July 2022 

Stuffed Peppers!

On Wednesday, in our DT lesson we learnt about season vegetables and how we can use them to create delicious meals and snacks. As part of our lesson, we prepared and cooked stuffed peppers. We used red, greens and orange peppers, stuffed with a mixture of couscous, tomatoes, courgettes, peas and sweetcorn with a grated cheese topping!


Penguins pop to the Library

Friday 25 February

Lest We Forget Artwork

During class, the children discussed the significance of the Poppy and designed memorial benches and wrote poetry.

Please take a look at Mariama's project work on Black History Month

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