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Dragonfly Y4: Class 4


To view the New Curriculum, which will come into effect from September 2022, for the Lower School (Years 3 and 4), please take a look at our Curriculum Information page which can be found under Information from the Home Page.

Dragonfly Class: September 2022 - July 2023

This week's Dazzling Dragonfly

Making Maths meaningful...

On Friday 3rd February, the children took part in Dress up for Digits and had a fun-filled day of maths activities and games, while raising money to supporting the great work of the NSPCC.

Mayan Masks

As part of our History learning about the Maya civilisation, the Dragonflies have been exploring Mayan religion, beliefs and worship practices.


The Maya were a civilisation who lived in modern-day Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. The Maya civilisation lasted from around 1000 BC to AD 1697. Masks played a central role in Maya culture. They were made for a variety of occasions and purposes. In fact, they were even used to decorate temples. Masks were often inspired by animals; they were vibrant and colourful. The Mayas believed that animals represented the spirits. For example, many Maya often associated strong kings with jaguars. Mayas were often buried with a death mask, which was intended to protect the wearer on their journey to the afterlife.

Science: Digestive System


As part of our science unit the Dragonflies have been learning about digestion

and recreated the digestive system in class.

Black History Month

As part of our work around Black History Month, the Dragonflies explored some famous black British artists. They started by looking at their work and describing them using adjectives. Then they found out more about the artists lives and creative styles before creating their own art in the style of the artists.


What are similes and metaphors

Today in English we looked at similes and metaphors.  A simile is a comparison between two things that uses the word like or as: Her smile is as bright as sunshine. A metaphor is a direct comparison between two things that does not use like or as: Her smile is sunshine.

Working together we sorted statements into the different types, ready to use similes and metaphors in our poetry writing.

Mellow Yellow Day

Science: Telephone Communication

In science today, Dragonflies looked at how sound changes over different distances by making cup telephones and walking away from each other to what happened. They discovered that a string telephone works very much like a landline phone. When they talked into the cup their voice sends sound waves inside the cup, vibrating the bottom of the cup. The vibrations are transferred to the string, across the string and into the bottom of the other cup.

European Flags

Monday 3 October

In Geography, the Dragonflies are learning about our European neighbours. Even though all these countries are in the same continent, they all have different features, identities and histories. They each

have their own government, own laws and their own customs. One way countries highlight their identity is through a flag. Today the children learnt about the flags of European Countries. We held a mini competition where they worked in teams to produce a ‘flags’ poster.

Magpie Class: September 2021 - July 2022

Train Awareness Workshop - Magpie Class

Magpie Class headed off to Margate Station on Thursday for a Train Awareness Workshop. The organiser emailed Miss Taylor with these amazing comments: ‘I have been running Margate workshops for over a year and have been visiting schools delivering workshops for more years than I can count and your students were the best I have ever had. They were fully focused on what we were telling them and asked brilliant questions. Your teachers were awesome and got fully involved in the quiz.’ We are very proud Magpie Class!




Author Visit: Malcolm Dixon

Today, author Malcolm Dixon visited the school and the Magpies joined him for a special assembly and question and answer session.


His novel, titled The Little House on Everywhere is about the Redmayne family and their ability to live every day in three cities at once: London, Paris and New York. The three Redmayne children – George, Felice, and Emile – believe they know all about their extraordinary house and its many secrets but when they begin to investigate, disaster strikes: George and Felice accidentally misplace their younger brother in time, with the result that the entire family must unite to find him and bring him home.

Mr Dixon read to the children and answered some very interesting questions. Finally, each child composed a ‘wow’ sentence which they could use to write an opening to their own chapter of his story.

Jubilee Art

Congratulations to this week's winners


Magpies really enjoyed their music lesson this week. Today , we started playing glockenspiels. All the learning is focused around one song: Lean on Me by Bill Withers. The children are learning about the interrelated dimensions of music through games, singing, playing music and composing. 


Stuffed Peppers!

On Thursday, in our DT lesson we learnt about season vegetables and how we can use them to create delicious meals and snacks. As part of our lesson, we prepared and cooked stuffed peppers. We used red, greens and orange peppers, stuffed with a mixture of couscous, tomatoes, courgettes, peas and sweetcorn with a grated cheese topping!




Jam Tarts for the Queen of Hearts!

Design Technology

This term in Design Technology, Magpie class are learning about healthy eating and we will be cooking, tasting and designing dishes. We will also think carefully about how we can stay safe when cooking. Today was our first lesson- we made delicious cupcakes.









Roman History meets Andy Warhol!

Magpie Class have been learning all about the Romans in History and creatively in their art class they decided to draw pictures of Boudica in the style of Andy Warhol who they've been studying in Art. 

Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday 8 February it was SAFER INTERNET DAY and this years theme was "All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online." Focusing on helping children themselves safe when using online platforms.


Magpie class took part in an online lesson and learnt how they can keep themselves safe when using online platforms.


27 January

Magpies really enjoyed their music lesson this week. They were finding the pulse as they listened: dancing, clapping, swaying, marching. All the learning is focused around one song: Stop! - a rap/song about bullying. They are learning about the interrelated dimensions of music through games, singing and composing.




This Weeks Award Winners - 26 November

Award Winners: 19 November 2021


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