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Firebug Y6: Class 7

To view the New Curriculum, which will come into effect from September 2022, for the Upper School (Years 5 and 6), please take a look at our Curriculum Information page which can be found under Information from the Home Page.

Firebug Class: September 2022 - July 2023

Y6 Residential Information

This week's Fabulous Firebug

The Karate Kid!

Well done to Seth in Firebug Class. He won a trophy in a karate clicker tournament playing against clubs from Canterbury, Dover and Thanet. Fantastic work Seth!



Today was Holocaust Memorial Day and Year 6 have been learning about WWII and the Holocaust as part of their English and History Lessons.


They took part in the National Literacy Trust online lesson and were privilege to hear a radio interview with Sir Ben Helfgott, a Jewish concentration camp survivor talking about his experiences during the war, and his remarkable life after settling in the UK as a 15 year old. Remarkably ten years later he represented his adopted country at the 1956  Olympic Games in Melbourne and the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome. He was captain of the British  weightlifting team on all these occasions. 


To read Ben's story please click on the below link

Design & Technology and a little bit of science!

Canadian inspired bread

12 December


On Monday, Firebug and Lacewing class had a fun time learning how to create, design and bake their own bread.  In the morning, they prepared the ingredients of flour, yeast, salt, milk, sugar, butter, water and eggs. Carefully combining all their ingredients together until a yeast-leavened dough was produced.  


They learnt how to knead the dough and why kneading was an important process. Covering the well kneaded bread with clingfilm the children left the bread to proven for a few hours, allowing the yeast to ferment the dough. The children were very surprised to find their dough had expanded to over double the original size!




In the afternoon, they divided the dough equally so each child could shape and design their own bread. They used chocolate chips, raisins or cheese to decorate or add flavour – there were lots of interesting designs including traditional bread rolls, cheesy rolls, plaited rolls and a maple leaf.


Lacewing and Firebug Class working together in creating Canadian dioramas based on this terms English book 'The Hatchet'.

Starling Class: September 2021 - July 2022

New Starling Class Blessing


Starling class were joined by textile artist Nicole Bates last week to take part in A Stitch Together: Whitstable Jubilee Community Quilt. This is a Revival, East Kent Mind community project.


The children worked with Nicole a cyanotype printing activity, using the power of light to create unique nature prints.  The children brought in leaves, plants, flowers and feathers and then used the sunlight in a cyanotype process to produce a cyan blue print on fabric.  The children also wrote meaningful words or a sentence about their picture.


The fabric pieces will form part of a quilt, once other local residents have helped sew the children’s words on and adding their own additions. Every Friday 10-12pm at Café 39 the community are welcome to go along to a workshop to help with the quilt. On Friday 10th June at Café 39, Oxford Street  (10am—12pm) there will be a community celebration with an unveiling of the quilt and the photographic story.  The quilt will then be a ‘travelling quilt’ visiting schools and community groups, before its final home in the new Revival when it opens.



Design & Technology

December 2021

This term Upper School have been designing and creating birdboxes. They started the beginning of term researching and measuring the technical details of their designs in their books. Mrs Hewitt with the help of a few family members cut and shaped MDF board into the correct sizes. The children then constructed and glued the designs and finally last week they were able to decorate the final project. Below are Starling class constructing their designs.