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Grasshopper Y5: Class 6


To view the New Curriculum, which will come into effect from September 2022, for the Upper School (Years 5 and 6), please take a look at our Curriculum Information page which can be found under Information from the Home Page.

This week's Glorious Grasshopper is

Year 5 Parent Workshop


On Monday afternoon,  Year 5 parents and carers were invited to come into school for an afternoon of learning led by the children. They took part in an Art activity based on our new unit 'Just an Illusion,' a science experiment that required them to create their own paper airplanes and they also considered how they could raise money for a charity of their choice. We hope that the adults enjoyed the experience as much as the children and more importantly, we hope that they were taught something! Thanks for coming everyone. 

Marvellous Marbles!

Mylo challenged himself to make this marvellous marble machine at home after our science lesson on pulleys and levers this week.

He bought the kit from Toys and Trends but worked out how to build it himself without using the instructions.  Grasshoppers were extremely fascinated with the contraption. Well Done Mylo! 



The Shang Dynasty: Dragon Masks

Today in Grasshopper's class we have started to learn about the history of The Shang Dynasty. In art and design we have been designing our own Chinese Dragon Masks.


Shang Dynasty Fact:

"The most frequently seen subject on the bronze art of this age is a monster called the taotie. This imaginary animal looks like a dragon with horns, huge eyes, and a large mouth. Numerous Taotie mask made of bronze that were made during this dynasty have been discovered."


4 October 2022

Today Grasshoppers and Butterfly class enjoyed learning a variety of PE skills. This term they will be rotating between Football, Outdoor Adventure Activities and Fitness.


In football, the children will be developing their footballing skills to ensure greater control of how to move whilst dribbling a football. They will learn how to pass the ball to teammates and consider which players are in the best position to pass to. During Outdoor Adventure Activities, children will learn to work effectively with others to complete challenges and use a range of different methods to communicate effectively. The children will also spend time working on their basic fitness and understanding of it’s importance in relation to sporting performance.