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Lacewing Y6: Class 8


To view the New Curriculum, which will come into effect from September 2022, for the Upper School (Years 5 and 6), please take a look at our Curriculum Information page which can be found under Information from the Home Page.

Lacewing Class: September 2022 - July 2023

Year 6 Residential Information

This week's Legendary Lacewing

Letting his light shine!

Hockey Star Rowan won player of the match in his debut tournament for Herne Bay Hockey, scoring his team's first goal. The team came third out of seven teams in the Kent Hockey u12s boys tournament. Well done Rowan!



Today was Holocaust Memorial Day and Year 6 have been learning about WWII and the Holocaust as part of their English and History Lessons.


They took part in the National Literacy Trust online lesson and were privilege to hear a radio interview with Sir Ben Helfgott, a Jewish concentration camp survivor talking about his experiences during the war, and his remarkable life after settling in the UK as a 15 year old. Remarkably ten years later he represented his adopted country at the 1956  Olympic Games in Melbourne and the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome. He was captain of the British  weightlifting team on all these occasions. 


To read Ben's story please click on the below link

History: World War II

Macey and Rowan produced some outstanding pieces of work at home, full of lots of facts but also showing a real understanding of the subject.  Beautifully and creatively presented - well done!







Printing inspired by Georgia O'Keeffee and Henri Matisse

Design & Technology and a little bit of science!

Canadian inspired bread

12 December


On Monday, Firebug and Lacewing class had a fun time learning how to create, design and bake their own bread.  In the morning, they prepared the ingredients of flour, yeast, salt, milk, sugar, butter, water and eggs. Carefully combining all their ingredients together until a yeast-leavened dough was produced.  

They learnt how to knead the dough and why kneading was an important process. Covering the well kneaded bread with clingfilm the children left the bread to proven for a few hours, allowing the yeast to ferment the dough. The children were very surprised to find their dough had expanded to over double the original size!




In the afternoon, they divided the dough equally so each child could shape and design their own bread. They used chocolate chips, raisins or cheese to decorate or add flavour – there were lots of interesting designs including traditional bread rolls, cheesy rolls, plaited rolls and a maple leaf.

Art & Design

Lacewing and Firebug Class working together in creating Canadian dioramas based on this terms English book 'The Hatchet'.

Art & Design: Gaudi

Tuesday 11 October 

This afternoon in Art and Design, Lacewings were inspired by the talented Spanish Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. Gaudi is famous for his tile and creative art deco designs. Concentrating on his unique Chimneys the class researched the spectacular chimney rooftops of La Pedrera, Casa Mila in Barcelona. Influenced by his designs they drew and labelled their own chimneys featuring primary twists of colour with carefully designed mosaic patterns. Happy with their designs, it was time to create 3D clay chimneys!     

Science Mix-up!

In Year 6 this week we have been investigating the solubility of various substances. We mixed: flour, paint, oil, sugar and sand with water to see if they dissolve and how this occurs. We really enjoyed testing the various substances and particularly found mixing oil, paint and water fascinating questioning the various weights of liquids. 

Flamingo Class: September 2021 - July 2022

English: Poetry, Creativity and Performance!

This week, the Year 5 Children enjoyed discussing and analysing Robert Louis Stevenson's poem My Shadow. With this inspiration in mind, the children worked in groups of twos to design and create their own shadows and stories. They were very excited to have the opportunity to narrate and perform their Shadow Stories to their class. We had some amazing adventures with super heroes, dragons, flying rabbits, football heroes, witches and magic cats!

All about ISLAM

This term in RE the children have been learning about the different aspects of Islam, including:  Who is Allah and Muhammed, Five pillars of Islam and why do Muslims fast? After doing lots of research, Flamingo class created different designs to present their information - leaflets, posters and mobile models.














Thank you Muntaha for sharing with everyone about her religion and created this amazing poster all about ISLAM. RE Lead Mrs G thought it was so informative and beautifully drawn that it has been copied for each class to display.


The GuardianOur Young Diary Series

We  have submitted Flora's wonderful piece of writing about her love of nature to The Guardian's: Our Young Diary Series Competition.


As I walk along the shore this particular January evening, I see a rocking horse perched atop a roof, reflecting the white horses that have galloped through storms and sun alike. The soldier-like groins are on duty tonight, on the front line of the beach; the battlefield strewn with helpless seaweed. As I breathe out the salty sea scents, the crisp air causes my breath to emerge in chimney puffs. Mouth fog. I sit down on the coarse but soft sand and ancient stones. Above me is the miniscule, egg shell white, half-moon, amidst the blue-grey, January sky. How many places has the magical moon seen?


Three things come to mind on this desolate, calm beach: safety; innocence; purity. My boots make petite angels as they separate the sand. This beach is angelic. The ocean could be a God that takes the rocks my brother is throwing into its gentle palms and sends them on a journey throughout many oceans.      


Incessant seagull toddlers harass my ears as I try to return to the tranquility of lapping waves. The distant Sheppey lights get smaller as I walk away from the comfort of my beach. There’s a soft breeze whipping my hair around my face, as the footprints of many happy dogs disappear under my step.  The beach is empty of tourists ruining my ‘Whitstabubble’ tonight. 


 The beach; my home for as long as I have lived. All the more reason to love it better than any place in the world.        

Getting to the heart of the matter!

Monday 10 January

This week Flamingo class had the gory pleasure of dissecting a pigs heart to enhance their learning about the human circulatory system. We spent time investigating the different sections of the heart and compared it to a diagram of a human heart. We couldn't believe the similarities! 

Black History Month

Flamingo Class have been learning about the 'The Story of Windrush'

HMT Empire Windrush is best remembered today for bringing one of the first large groups of post-war West Indian immigrants to the United Kingdom.


The Windrush Scandal saw hundreds of Caribbean immigrants living and working in the UK wrongly targeted by immigration enforcement as a result of the government’s “hostile environment” policies.

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