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We really enjoy looking at your home learning exercises, artwork and all the activities you do. 

Charlie's Crickets Skills

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Wednesday 1 April


Beunos Dias Pine Martens


Well it's Wednesday already and what a beautiful day it looks like being. Make sure you find sometime to be outside today to enjoy the blue skies and sunshine.



April Fools’ Day on April 1st has long been a day when practical jokes and tricks are played on the unaware.  Classic April Fools’ jokes include caramel covered onions and spaghetti trees. We would be fools to think we knew precisely when April Fools’ Day was originally celebrated. Some believe the day is celebrated in honour of the trickery Mother Nature plays on us this time of year with her unpredictable weather. The earliest known reference to April Fools’ Day in Britain is in Chaucer’s 1392 play the Nun’s Priest's Tale.  Have a go at my April Fool's Day word search.


 So here's a task for today. What April fools' day trick could you play on a member of your family? Think carefully and be nice-ish.

  • Year 6, today I have included an arithmetic test for you. As I advised yesterday, do not print the test, rather copy & complete the sums in your exercise books. Year 5 spend some time either on study ladder or TTRockstars.

  • Today I would like you to do another short reading comprehension. 


VIPERS is an anagram to aid the recall of the 6 reading skills.  They are the key areas I feel which will help you to improve your comprehension of texts. VIPERS stands for Vocabulary, Inference,Prediction, Explanation, Retrieval, Sequence or Summarise. 

Either print of the text or read and write your answers into your exercise book. Remember to write in complete sentences which make sense when read aloud. Today's text is called 'Somerset Tsunami'


  • My final task for today will be some RE learning. I hope you remember learning about Sikhism when you were in the lower school. There are nearly half a million Sikh people in the UK today, and millions more in India and other parts of the world. Today's lesson is all about the Sikh Festival of Vaisakhi, when Sikhs remember a story from the life of the Tenth Guru, who is called Guru Govind Singh, and lived over 300 years ago in India.  Start by watching the short film about Simran’s Vaisakhi


Then complete the worksheet adding your own ideas to the thought bubble. You can either print the sheets or copy the tasks into your exercise book. 


As always, if you can, it would be lovely to see examples of some of your work so don't forget to email me. If you can't upload, don't worry you can still email and tell me how you got on. And I will, of course, be able to see your work when we are all back in school.


Have a lovely day.

Stay safe. Stay happy. Stay Pine Martens

Mrs G Xx



Your work activities


Miss L's English Set

Romeo and Juliet

Hi to all,

In case you wanted to work on your Verona travel guide, here is the PowerPoint (in a PDF) we used in class. Useful as a guide! I will be looking for more Romeo and Juliet resources this week so keep checking your class page and keep reading and writing. Try keeping a journal/blog throughout this time as one day it may be a useful historical document. I've already started mine! Feel free to send me anything you do and I'll share!

Stay safe and keep smiling peep Miss L :) 

Reading, Audio & Art

Elevenses with The World of David Walliams

Every day at 11am, you can listen to one of David Williams' World's Worst Children stories, so sit down, take a break, and enjoy 20ish mintues of pure fun!

Drawing Tutorial: How to draw William Shakespeare

How Crayons are Made | How It's Made

Music Activities for Kids
Completed Tutorials by Pine Marten

Get fit, Keep active

PE with Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks is hosting a free 30 minute PE lesson on his YouTube channel every day at 9.00am.

Follow the link here for more information about this and how to subscribe.

Wake Up! School Assembly Song and Dance from Songs For EVERY Assembly by Out of the Ark Music

KSG with Firefighter Fit Kids Session 1

TT Rockstars Results


Our Winning Class this week is Lynx Class, followed by Brown Bears and Otters in 3rd. 


A huge congratulations to our school "King of Times Tables" this week, Fin in Lynx Class, who actually beat most of the other classes' combined scores!

Learning Links!
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Tuesday 31 March 


Buenos Dias Pine Martens


March 31st children is National Crayon Day. Opening up a box of crayons opens up a world of imagination and hours of fun. Wax and chalk-based crayons have been used by artists around the world for centuries.  Edwin Binney created the brightly coloured crayons we are familiar with today.  He was part owner of Binney & Smith, a company that produced products such as paint, pigments and slate pencils for schools in the USA.


With that in mind, today I want you to take time to do some mindfulness colouring.  You can use your own images or the special Whitstable inspired pages I have attached. 

I have also included the second science lesson. Work your way through the PowerPoint. On slide 11 is a link to the Peppermoth Story. There are 2 tasks. Slides 14 & 20. Either print them off or copy them into your exercise book and complete.


Today I would like you to do a small reading comprehension. 

VIPERS is an anagram to aid the recall of the 6 reading skills.  They are the key areas I feel which will help you to improve your comprehension of texts. VIPERS stands for Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explanation, Retrieval, Sequence or Summarise. Again either print of the text or read and write your answers into your exercise book. Remember to write in complete sentences which make sense when read aloud. Today's text is called 'Father'.


And finally, how about some Maths? Year 5 it's your turn today. I have attached an arithmetic test. I suggest you do not print this, rather work on the sums in your exercise book. 

Year 6 I expect you to spend some time either on study ladder (I can see who goes on by the way!!) or TTRockstars. Enjoy :))


​Well have a fabulous day, Work hard just like you would if we were in our classroom altogether. Take breaks and enjoy some time outside. 


Stay safe. Stay happy. Stay Pine Martens


Mrs Gxx



Monday 30 March


Buenos Dias Pine Martens

Hi Guys I hope you all had a great weekend and had fun with your families. 

I have been busy at home this weekend, tidying up and beginning to think of what I need to do when I move house later in the year. There's a lot to do!


Today's home learning is science, maths and music based. 


  1. SCIENCE: At school we didn't have enough time to finish our evolution theme . So I have 2 lessons for you to do over the next couple of days.

To remind yourself about evolution look at this page from BBC bitesize first. There's a video to watch too.


Then have a go at today's lesson. See the PowerPoint attached. If you can't print out the slides you need to work with you, could always draw the images instead.


2. MUSIC: Then take a little time to be musical.  When I was your age I learnt to play the violin- badly I must admit- but I did enjoy it. I know lots of you are musical and can already read musical notation so this lesson is just a revision for you.  For others it will help you read a musical score and fits nicely with our weekly Charanga lessons with Mr Harvey.  On the site (link below) you can also access and work on some activities on line.


3: MATHS: Finally, I have attached some statistics work: reading, interpreting & organising data.  Again work on the sheets if you can print them, if not, copy out the graphs in your exercise books and then complete the calculations.


If you have workbooks you could do pages in those instead and don't forget you can login to Study Ladder, TTRockstars or any of the sites listed on our class page.


Keep sending me examples of the work you are doing at home or just email to say hi.

Stay safe. Stay happy. Stay Pine Martens


S. Gilbert

Class 5 - September 2019 - July 2020

Ancient Egypt: Mummification

As part of our Topic on Ancient Egypt we have been learning about the process of mummification. To help us understand it, we  mummified an orange. We hooked out its brain, removed the internal organs, dried it and filled it with a salt and spices. Then we wrapped it tightly in linen strips, including amulets, charms and a personal message. The oranges are now awaiting their coffins and final sarcophagi, which we are making next week. We are going to unwrap our mummified oranges on the last day in July to see what has happened. 

Class Exhibition: Pop Up Harvest Restaurant

What a wonderful afternoon we all had at our Pop Up Harvest Restaurant. The children prepared a home cooked meal of Harvest vegetable soup with crusty bread. Whilst enjoying the meal the children presented an art presentation of LS Lowry which they have been working on this term and also lots of facts about Pine Martens!


After the parents were invited to look at examples of their work. We hope everyone had a lovely.

Pizza Time!

19 September 2019

Pine Martens enjoyed a morning of pizza making courtesy of Whitstable's Pizza Express this week. They learnt how pizzas are made and the ingredients used. They worked with fresh dough, rolling and forming their own bases, before adding toppings and cooking them. But probably their favourite part of the morning was be able to eat slices straight from the oven. Delicious! 

Class Exhibition

On Friday 11 January Dahl Class had their class exhibition. In the exhibition we sang The Fresh Prince of Bel Air with everyone singing or playing an instrument. Then we had some wonderful musicians playing their instruments brilliantly. We also had a Kahoot! quiz which all the parents too part in. Polly and Izzy played the heads, shoulders hips game and Nancy and Phoebe demonstrated and played the Minute Game.


Elliot showed the parents how good his handwriting is and the parents all wrote beautiful on the whiteboard to see whose parents had the best handwriting.

Thank you to all the parents and carers for coming along.


by Fin B


Please click link to see photos

What is Coeliac Disease?

Isabella has this condition and thought it would be a lovely idea to inform her class with an insightful presentation on the condition. Thank you Isabella for sharing this with us, if you would like to find out more please click on the below link.


"I wanted to explain to my class what Coeliac Disease was and do a presentation about it to Dahl Class, so that they understand a bit more why sometimes I don't feel very well and have to be careful about what food I eat and where it's cooked. We played games with people representing 'villi', which are in your intestines and work differently for people with coeliac. I threw tennis balls which they caught easily and then netballs at one of them and they all fell over; this represented what happens to the villi when gluten hits them.

We did some activities and Mr Wren's wife had made some gluten free and non-gluten free cakes to see if anyone could taste the difference. Hopefully they all understand a bit more now." 

by Bella

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