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Collective Worship

Collective Worship: Hospitality

8 May 2024

Today we were joined by Jane for collective worship. She continued on our theme of hospitality. She asked us to consider how we show hospitality to others and how tricky this might be for those we don't like or get along with. Why should we bother to be hospitable at all?


The children responded with: makes me feel better, paying goodness forward, show love as Jesus did, being the 'better person. Karma, nice things to do.

Hebrews: "We should be hospitable to others especially strangers'


Harley and Amelia finished with special  prayers before our worship leader Sonny closed our worship. 

Collective Worship: Justice and Mercy

1 May 2024

The theme of our worship was justice. We were joined by Rev' Claude who started by asking the children, what they would like to be. Their responses ranged from being happy, wise, honest, free, courageous to a good friend, compassionate and considerate.


She spoke with us about her early life supporting people with additional needs. She told us about the charity shows 'Mercy Ships' and how this charity shows 'Mercy' to those in need. Even though we may not be able to help ourselves; we can still support others to show mercy and justice as Jesus did.


"Love one another, as I have loved you"


Sam and Quinn represented Year 3 in their Claude's rolling Bible Quiz, doing a fantastic job and Oliver and Lila acted as our worship leaders.  

6 March 2024

Collective Worship: Cooperation

6 March 2024

Today our Collective Worship was led by Rev Claude. She started with a challenge , Lottie and Mariama had to work tied together - to cooperate - to achieve an impossible task. Jesus had a team around him, the Disciples who worked with him to help with his work (Mark 3 v 13-19). They helped to share his burden and celebrate in his successes. We reflected on how, when we cooperate, we can find tasks easier, we can find success. Erin and Florence (Yr4) then took part in Rev Caludes' rolling Bible Quiz impressing everyone with their knowledge.

Collective Worship: Fairness

28 February 2024


Today we were led by Rev Jack who continued with this week's theme: Fairness.

Jack spoke about Jesus saying 'love our neighbour as yourself' and how the parables help us think about 'Who are my neighbours?' and how we can choose to treat everyone with fairness. We thought about Genesis I where it says 'God made them - male or female' suggesting that everyone across the whole world is made in his image - we are all the same. We thought about discrimination in all its forms and reflected on how this can sometimes makes us act unfairly. Fairtrade is one way we can choose to act with fairness towards others.

Collective Worship

30 January 2024

Jack sadly announced to the children that this is his penultimate worship with us. He will be moving to All Saints in Lydd after Easter.  He reminded the children about 'Ask Rev Jack' box, to be emptied on the last day.


Psalm 84v.II What does it mean?

Walking upright make good decisions? You will get good things if you face the world with honesty and integrity without fear.


Collective Worship: Challenges

24 January 2024

Today, we were joined by Rev Simon for worship and were thinking abut the challenges facing some parts of the world - Israel, Gaza, Sudan and the countries.


In the Bible, we heard from St John who had a vision of water and one tree - the tree of life - which spanned a river.  The leaves of the tree represented healing - to heal our world we need to be forgiving and forgetting, build bridges between peoples, finding common interests, listen to each other and following the laws.


Leaves show us an image of renewal and new hope. Our worship today mirrored the work we did on World Religion Day when we thought about tolerance, understanding and valuing diversity. 

Collective Worship: Epiphany

3 January 2024


For our first Worship of 2024 we were joined by Rev Claude who started by wishing us all Happy Christmas as this Friday is Epiphany. The date that marks the visit of Magi to see Jesus in Bethlehem. She spoke abut Christian traditions around the world particularly in Ethiopia. Before Christmas, Ethiopians fast for 43 days before celebrations begin on their Christmas Eve, 6th January. They do this as it is believed one of the wise men came from Ethiopia. Dexter, Jack, Milla represented the year 5s in Claude's quiz about Epiphany.

Bishop Rose Schools Christmas Message 2023

A Christmas message from Bishop Rose to the schools in our diocese.

Collective Worship: Courage

Today was a very special collective worship planned and delivered by our fantastic worship leaders - Hugo, Lilly, Sonny, Isla and Alice. They helped us all think about being courageous even when we are the 'odd one out'. They told us the story of Daniel who was thrown to the Lion's Den when he refused to worship the King and said he would only worship God. They asked everyone to think about how they can be 'courageous advocates' in school.

Cathedrals Schools Day - Year 6

On Tuesday, the Year 6 children were invited to Canterbury Cathedra for a day of activities and service with other Church schools. During the morning, the children took part in a variety of activities including stone masonry, stain glass window making, organ playing and singing. After lunch, we enjoyed a service that was led brilliantly by Lilly and Hugo. The children enjoyed the variety of activities on offer and represented the school very well.

Harvest Service

17 October 2023

We celebrated out annual Harvest Festival celebration on Wednesday 17th October at St Alphege Church. It was so lovely to see so many parents/carers attend this event. Year 5 led the service, which included the reading of Harvest Acrostic poems which the children had written in their English lessons. They also spoke about the two charities that we are supporting this year and discussed their importance to the human race and the natural environment. We finished with Teaspoon (tsp) prayers which identify things we can be thankful for, say sorry for and asked for things to improve using the word 'please' as the beginning.


Thank you for all the wonderful donations.


Mrs Stanley, Oyster Teacher

Collective Worship: Kindness

11 October 2023

Rev Jack started our worship by introducing Liz and her service dog Nova who will be leading some of our worship later in the year.  He spoke about kindness and read from one of the letters from St Paul about who we should show kindness without expecting anything in return.


He also encouraged us to think about how we can overcome difficulties we face in life and accept help and kindness from other with grace. Hugo led the school in prayer which thanked the vicars from St Alphege for the kindness they show to our school and to the people of whitstable.

Collective Worship: Compassion

2 October 2023


In Collective Worship today, Rev Claude told us a contemporary version of the parable of the Good Samaritan and how the this teaches us about compassion. The children recognised the parable and were ale to talk about how children can be compassionate towards each other. Claude referred to the environmental activist Greta Thunberg and how her compassion for the world began her campaign for climate change. To finish Claude invited Tom & Mylo to take part in a quiz scoring an impressive 27 points on their Bible knowledge.


Collective Worship: Compassion

27 September 2023


We welcomed Jane to lead our Worship today. We started with a quiz used mixed up letters which once solved spelt out a word. Jonah guessed correctly our theme word Compassion. Marnie read part of a letter from James, the brother of Jesus, about showing compassion , doing things to help rather than just talking. The children were able to suggest ways they could show compassion to people in need at school and in Whitstable.


Collective Worship: Trust

20 September 2023


Jane led our worship today and she spoke about who we work better together. To be patient, trusting and to rely on others and how we can trust God as well.  Leon, Lexi, Fearne, Scout and Marni helped with a 'question and answer' game about who can help us when we are in need, or want help and advice.


Lily, Evan and Freya read Psalm 23 A Psalm of David, The Lord is My Shepherd, which talks about trusting in God.

Collective Worship: Choosing good friends

13 September 2023


Today our worship was led by Reverend Jack.


Jack read from the Gospel of Matthew and spoke about choosing good friends who value who you are, and not those who try to change you or who 'boss' you around and exclude you.

He used the analogy of 'water' to talk about God. That 'water' is the source of all life and God can be the same for us. Accepting of all.


Collective Worship: Building a Foundation

6 September 2023


Reverend Claude welcomed us back to our first Collective Worship this term. She spoke to us about building a community together based on a strong foundation and shared a story from Matthew 7. Marnie was asked to build a 'Jenga wall' to demonstrate building on a firm foundation. For Christians, the Bible is their firm foundation. Our school values also represent a firm foundation and are the cement that keeps our school community together.




The Story of St Alphege

On Wednesday in Collective Worship Rev. Rachel told us the story of St Alphege using the beautiful etched screen, which re-tells his story. We thought about and reflected on his martyrdom and his trust in God.

Bishop Rose of Dover: School visit 

We were delighted to welcome the Bishop of Dover to school on Wednesday 30 November. After morning worship, held in St Alphege Church, Bishop Rose was given a tour of the school and new building by our wonderful Agents of Change and Ambassadors who did a fantastic job. She said a prayer in the new Garden Room and blessed the school the new buildings, spending lots of time with the children, staff and 2 of our Governors and even enjoyed a school dinner with them in the canteen.


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