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At Whitstable Endowed we understand that our learners come from a variety of backgrounds with varying exposure to mathematical concepts and practical experience. We also understand that our learners require a variety of approaches in order to help all of them achieve maths confidence.  As a result, they require robust and clear progression through mathematical concepts and support with learning.  The goal of our Maths teaching is to deliver the core aims of the National Curriculum – both in the mathematics lessons and across the curriculum as a whole.  Our children will be taught to be confident, successful and proficient mathematicians who can apply their Maths to other context and situations. We want our children to leave Primary school ‘Secondary ready’, with excellent foundations for future learning.



At Whitstable Endowed, we use White Rose Maths schemes of learning that can be supplemented to extend learning further by a variety of mastery schemes, including Deepening Understanding. This ensures a comprehensive and expertly designed journey though the world of Mathematics.  White Rose is based on small steps approach that aims to keep all learners  school, we can ensure consistency of the mathematical elements and comprehensive coverage of the curriculum.  We believe that this approach will facilitate consistent delivery of Mathematics across the school and across the inevitable ability range within year groups.  It is also designed to support mathematicians who require more time and visual representation to grasp fundamental concepts and those who require challenging further to achieve Greater Depth.


To aid those learners that are not yet ready to achieve the same learning objectives as their peers, we use the ‘Ready To Progress’ criteria that teachers can access through Deepening Understanding to help fill the gaps.




  • By the end of Year 6, we aspire that all our children talk enthusiastically about Maths and will approach secondary school with Maths confidence.
  • They will have developed a bank of efficient and accurate mathematical skills that can be used to calculate confidently and effectively.
  • These will have been underpinned by the concrete, pictorial, abstract  process so children understand rather than just do, which ultimately will allow children to identify when answers do not make mathematical sense.
  • Children will be able to apply these calculation skills and understanding of other areas to become confident and resilient problem-solvers with the ability to reason and articulate their ideas mathematically and apply their mathematical skills to everyday life.