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Upper School Gallery

Year 5 Parent Workshop

Monday 16 January

On Monday afternoon,  Year 5 parents and carers were invited to come into school for an afternoon of learning led by the children. They took part in an Art activity based on our new unit 'Just an Illusion,' a science experiment that required them to create their own paper airplanes and they also considered how they could raise money for a charity of their choice. We hope that the adults enjoyed the experience as much as the children and more importantly, we hope that they were taught something! Thanks for coming everyone. Mr Baker & Mrs Cutts

Year 6 Leavers Service

Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits

Year 6 Play

Year 6 Kingswood Residential

Monday: Day 1

A brilliant, busy and fun packed first day for all the children. As soon as they arrived they headed straight into puzzle and team work strategy games. After lunch and a little rest they all had the opportunity to build a ‘buggie’ made up of barrels, wooden planks and poles. They learnt how to tie the correct knots to secure the buggies and then had a go at test driving them. Later in the afternoon it was orienteering. To end the day there was a scrapyard challenge ‘build a cardboard water balloon protector!’

Tuesday: Day 2

The children were very excited this morning as they were looking forward to having a go at the formidable 'Leap of Faith' - a challenging vertical climb to stand on a (very small!) wobbly platform -  with nerves of steel and trembling limbs they then had to throw themselves off to try and grab the hanging swing. Flamingos and Puffin also experienced the thrilling 3D swing  and Starling the climbing wall. Lots  of teamwork was required for the next activites: Nightline - a blind folded assult course trail and later on to build the tallest tower and a wheeled vehicle 'Meccano' style!  What an exhilarating day they have all had.

Wednesday: Day 3

What an amazing day we have had! A morning in the lake: raft building, swimming and playing games. The children all worked in groups to create their own rafts before setting sail onto the lake. After some large waves (created by the instructors) some of the rafts unfortunately did not make it through. Others survived the treacherous seas and the children then had great fun jumping in off the rafts. So many amazing memories created and all the children had so much fun and got involved. 

The aftertoon bought den building for Puffins and Flamingo class, with Starlings reaching new heights on the 3G swing. Covered in mud, the children then all met up together to party at the roller disco. Knee pads on, laces tied, elbow pads in place they set off! Some were more successful than others!

The evening bought a campfire with songs and marshmallows. A wonderful time for the children to talk about their day whilst the amazing sunset came down in front of us. 

A fantastic day, with the children filled with such joy. 

Thursday & Friday: Days 4&5


We have had the best two days with so many fun-filled adventures taking place. Challenged with another nail biting, knee knocking climb up the High Equilibrium - a test of nerves to stand upon the seesaw - honing communication skills and coordination.


For those Starlings who may need to survive in the wild (you never know!) Then the Bushcraft challenge gave them the skills to build a shelter using natural resources - funny enough there were a few conveniently placed logs or two to help! Incredibly, some had even built a loo and a living room! Continuing with those survival skills (luckily for the local rabbits) as the target board was the main aim for their steel arrows. All the children showed great archery skills and qualities including: composure, drawing and loading the arrow, balance, accuracy and precision. After dinner and a little rest, we regrouped for an evening Quiz - the children tested their knowledge in History, English, Super Heroes and Harry Potter trivia. Other activities during the two days included: Environmental Art, Aeroball, Team Games, Obstacle challenge and climbing wall.

We hope the children had an amazing experience filled with joy, adventure, confidence, passion and leave with so many wonderful fond memories.




Sports Day 2022

Upper School

Upper School: First Aid


Resus Rangers visited school today to deliver a whole school assembly about First Aid.

Stephen the lead Resus Ranger, talked to us about what to do in an emergency. How to call 999 and what to do when speaking to the operator. He also showed us some simple first aid techniques that we might be able to use to help someone with a small injury.


Today, we started on a journey to learning lifesaving First Aid skills.